Welcome to Tyrrells Equine Clinic based in North Hertfordshire
Welcome to Tyrrells Equine Clinic based in North Hertfordshire
Welcome to Tyrrells Equine Clinic based in North Hertfordshire

Pre-Purchase Examinations (Vetting's) 

A pre purchase examination, often known as a vetting, is thorough clinical examination carried out at the request of a potential purchaser. The purpose of a pre-purchase examination is to identify and assess factors of a veterinary nature that could affect the horse’s suitability for its intended use.  A pre-purchase examination is performed on behalf of the prospective purchaser taking in to account that persons individual requirements. Based on their findings the vet will give their opinion as to whether the horse is or is not suitable for purchase.

Whilst a pre-purchase examination does not guarantee the future soundness of a horse it enables our vets to detect disease or injury at the time of vetting.  In the incidence where we are asked to perform a pre-purchase examination on a horse currently owned by a client of our practice we are able to do this providing the current owner is happy for us to disclose any relevant veterinary history to the prospective purchaser.

A pre-purchase examination can be 2 or 5 stage and is conducted as follows -

Stage 1 – Preliminary examination

This methodical examination the horse’s body general appearance and condition. It includes examination of the resting heart, the eyes by ophthalmoscope, the skin, the limbs and feet, and flexion of the limb joints to reveal pain or limitation of movement.

Stage 2 – Trotting up

The horse is walked and trotted on hard, level ground in order to detect gross abnormalities of gait and action.

A 2 stage vetting ends at this point.

Stage 3 – Strenuous exercise

The animal is given sufficient strenuous exercise to make it breathe deeply and rapidly so that any unusual breathing sounds may be heard to increase the action of the heart so that abnormalities may be more easily detected and to tire the horse so that strains or injuries may be revealed by stiffness or lameness after a period of rest.

Stage 4 – A period of rest

The horse is allowed to stand quietly for a period. During this time the breathing and heart are checked as they return to their resting levels.

Stage 5 – The second trot and foot examination

The horse is walked and trotted again in order to reveal abnormalities exacerbated by the strenuous exercise stage.

As part of a pre-purchase examination it is possible to have a blood sample taken for storage, x-rays, ultrasonography and other diagnostics. For more information or to book a pre-purchase examination please contact the office on office 01763 287744 / office@tyrrellsequine.co.uk


What our clients say

With a yard of competition horses we have great confidence in the team at Tyrrells who are only ever a phone call away. Nothing is too much trouble and they are always a welcoming and happy to discuss our horse’s needs. With event, show and retired horses we highly recommend Tyrrells Equine Clinic. Hayley and Gwen WardHDW Eventing
Jason has been Contessa Riding Centre's vet since he moved into area. The team are all very good with the horses, giving us detailed information on any issues we may have, coming out quickly in an emergency, understanding our feelings etc. I would highly recommend the practice. Tina LaytonProprietor at Contessa Riding Centre - www.contessariding.co.uk
Professional, reliable and friendly. Keeping our yard of event horses at the peak of their performance with cutting edge technology for a prompt and accurate diagnosis and treatment! Alex GreatorexEvent Rider and Equine Manual Manipulation Therapist
I have used Jason and his practice for 15 years. Jason, Juliette, Lauren and Charlotte are all excellent and provide a personal and caring service. They have a great team in the office who are efficient and helpful. I cannot recommend Tyrrells Equine highly enough. John JenkinsRace Horse Trainer - www.johnjenkinsracing.co.uk
Tyrrells Equine is absolutely the best veterinary practice in our area of Cambridgeshire. Nothing is too much trouble, they are prompt to deal with any equine problems, and show the utmost professionalism at all times. Sally HainesLeisure Horse Owner
I have used Tyrrells for 15 years and always found the team to be very helpful, especially with the issues a couple of my horses have had over the years. I wouldn't use anyone else. Christine BoumaLeisure Horse Owner
The vets are knowledgeable, friendly, realistic to the owners specific needs, always prepared to take the time to explain the issues, and always have time to give the equine in question a bit of fuss! Claire WindsorLeisure Horse Owner
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