Welcome to Tyrrells Equine Clinic based in North Hertfordshire
Welcome to Tyrrells Equine Clinic based in North Hertfordshire
Welcome to Tyrrells Equine Clinic based in North Hertfordshire


Types Of Cover

Horse and Pony ownership can be a costly business. Insurance is a service that helps to protect you, the owner, against unpredictable and often expensive costs that can come with ownership. There are main types of cover available are:

Third Party Insurance

This type of cover is essential. Horses can be unpredictable and potentially dangerous both to you and others (third parties). If your horse damages other people’s property or worse somebody else, you could be liable for damages running into thousands of pounds, or substantially more for personnel injury claims. Taking out insurance cover to protect you against this risk is not expensive and should not be considered optional.

Mortality Insurance

These policies can be variable but essentially the horse is only covered if found dead or requires immediate euthanasia on humane grounds, for example fracture of a major long bone. Be aware that this is a limited form of insurance.

Veterinary Fees Cover

This policy covers non routine veterinary treatment following accident or illness. Quality veterinary care is expensive and if you do not have the means to pay an unexpected bill of up to several thousand pounds, you should strongly consider this type of insurance. An uncomplicated colic surgery will run to over £3000 with a full lameness investigation well over £1000. Hence you should insure your horse for up to £5000 per incident, (remember VAT is included within this sum), which will cover most eventualities. Inadequate cover may prevent your horse from receiving life-saving surgery.

Loss of Use Cover

This cover will provide reimbursement if your horse develops a permanent disability that prevents it from carrying on the activity for which it is insured. A loss of use claim is much more likely to be invoked compared to a mortality claim hence the premium for this cover is considerable. It will also be increased in line with the sum insured.

Most insurance companies will also offer personal accident cover. Other benefits such as saddle, tack, and trailer cover may also be added.

Which insurance company should I chose?

Independent advice should always be sought if you are unsure however please bare in mind several points.

  • Be aware of the excess payable in event of a claim, this is especially relevant with policies that have the excess as a percentage of the final payout. E.g. an excess of 20% of the total claim will leave you with an £800 bill for a £4000 insurance claim.
  • Look in the small print for exclusions on expensive diagnostic procedures, for example MRI/CT scans. Other companies will put a ceiling on the total amount payable for diagnostic purposes.
  • Be aware of your company’s policy on hospitalisation and paraprofessionals (e.g. farriers and physiotherapists).

Making A Claim

  • It is the responsibility of the owner to inform the insurance company that the horse is undergoing treatment and to update them to comply with their requirements
  • Please inform us as early as possible of any potential claim  and of any restrictions / exclusions that may apply
  • Once you have decided to make a claim, please request a claim form from the insurance company, complete your section, and hand it into us.
  • We only do direct settlement claims with certain insurance companies so please contact the office to confirm this is applicable. If direct settlement is agreed ensure you tick the section on the form to pay the vet directly.
  • Ensure that the excess is paid to the practice.
  • Once we receive your claim form the vet will fill in their section and relevant invoices will be sent with the claim form to the insurance company.
  • If the claim is ongoing and your horse requires further treatment a continuation form may be necessary. Please contact your insurance company for advice. It is your responsibility to forward any additional invoices to the insurance company which should have the claim reference number clearly marked.
  • If a continuation form is required we will fill in our section and send it to the insurance company with relevant invoices.
  • Unlike most veterinary practices we do not charge for the completion of claim forms however we do reserve the right to charge for any addition correspondence that may be required.


What our clients say

With a yard of competition horses we have great confidence in the team at Tyrrells who are only ever a phone call away. Nothing is too much trouble and they are always a welcoming and happy to discuss our horse’s needs. With event, show and retired horses we highly recommend Tyrrells Equine Clinic. Hayley and Gwen WardHDW Eventing
Jason has been Contessa Riding Centre's vet since he moved into area. The team are all very good with the horses, giving us detailed information on any issues we may have, coming out quickly in an emergency, understanding our feelings etc. I would highly recommend the practice. Tina LaytonProprietor at Contessa Riding Centre - www.contessariding.co.uk
Professional, reliable and friendly. Keeping our yard of event horses at the peak of their performance with cutting edge technology for a prompt and accurate diagnosis and treatment! Alex GreatorexEvent Rider and Equine Manual Manipulation Therapist
I have used Jason and his practice for 15 years. Jason, Juliette, Lauren and Charlotte are all excellent and provide a personal and caring service. They have a great team in the office who are efficient and helpful. I cannot recommend Tyrrells Equine highly enough. John JenkinsRace Horse Trainer - www.johnjenkinsracing.co.uk
Tyrrells Equine is absolutely the best veterinary practice in our area of Cambridgeshire. Nothing is too much trouble, they are prompt to deal with any equine problems, and show the utmost professionalism at all times. Sally HainesLeisure Horse Owner
I have used Tyrrells for 15 years and always found the team to be very helpful, especially with the issues a couple of my horses have had over the years. I wouldn't use anyone else. Christine BoumaLeisure Horse Owner
The vets are knowledgeable, friendly, realistic to the owners specific needs, always prepared to take the time to explain the issues, and always have time to give the equine in question a bit of fuss! Claire WindsorLeisure Horse Owner
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